• A faster way to share training programs

    Send workouts to your athletes through squads

  • Sharing & following training diaries

    A new way to get workout inspo or keep accountable

  • How to run an accountability fitness challenge

    A couple of tips to get the most out of your challenge

  • The new activity feed

    Making it easier to find relevant training updates

  • Changes to notes

    They're moving into scoring blocks

  • Groups are becoming Squads

    And other changes to groups in V2

  • 📓 Training diary changes

    We've made it much easier to log training directly in Squaddy V2

  • Migrating to V2

    What's happening when for the V2 migration

  • What's happening to public groups?

    They're being reconfigured as programs, unless you've logged training in them!

  • Pro membership changes in V2

    Your Pro membership is getting cheaper (and better)

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