What's new
  • Released

    We've added a %rep max calculator so you can quickly find what you should be lifting for a given percentage

  • Released

    You can now minimize an ongoing session by tapping the top right corner of the screen. This will allow you do other actions in other groups, even while you're working on a session

    Should the worst happen, we'll always save what you've entered on the session screen. You can always come back to it later

  • Released

    We've added new PRO and STAFF tags so you can see the different account levels in the app. If you're unsure of your own, check your training diary!

    Theres new fancy icons for owners and admins. They'll show up in chat, emoji reactions, group lists, member lists and completion lists.

    Improvements to clicking and dragging large sessions on the Pro calendar

    Fixed and issue when uploading a group image using Squaddy Pro

  • Released

    New fancy animation when completing a session! 🎉 We'll also let you know about any new personal bests you've achieved

    Small improvements to how we track new personal bests

  • Released

    Added a new tutorial for all new joiners. If you've missed it, you can view it via the Profile screen

    All new joiners now start with a unique training diary

    Improvements to session scheduling

  • Released

    Added an option to quickly reorder scoring (aka exercises) in sessions. This works when creating and completing a session.

    You can now quickly swap exercises in a session

    We've removed a step from group creation. It's now even quicker to get started!

  • Released

    You can now view your personal bests for each exercise

    You can now preview public groups before joining

    Improved exercise search

  • Released

    You can now Emoji reaction to messages. Long tap a message to send a reaction and long tap an emoji to see the reactions 🔥

    Lots of improvements for movement history and scoring

    Other optimisations and fixes

  • Released

    We've added a Discover feature to let you find open groups anyone can join

    Improved message deletion

    Many other optimisations and fixes

  • Released

    Dark Mode 😎. You can now choose between a light and dark theme for the app in your profile screen.

    You can now schedule sessions for the future! We'll send a message to the chat when a session is released. You can also view upcoming sessions in the training tab.

    You can now @Tag a user in chat. They'll get a notification when you send a message to them.

  • Released

    A new movement filter, improvements to notifications and the ability to send diagnostic information to help troubleshooting

  • Released

    We've added a new training diary tab which shows your current level and level progress, a history completed sessions and a history of recorded movements

  • Released

    Session scoring! You can now track your progress against exercises in your training sessions

  • Released

    Reduced background activity to extend battery life

    Bug fixes and improvements

  • Released

    Edit your training session notes

    Discard accidental or old training session completions

  • Released

    Certain links no longer hang in the chat (zoom, stripe)

    Better support for unstable connections

  • Released

    Full training history on your profile

    Videos get an uploading progress indicator

    Chat messages roll-up into each other

    Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Released

    Choose a profile picture for your chat avatar

    Write notes for your training sessions

    See a list of who has completed training sessions

    Many bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Released

    Threading in chats

    Group notification settings

    Unread indicators

  • Released

    First release 🚀