Workout programming done better
Create and distribute training programs for multiple groups at speed with our desktop client. Instantly syncs to the Squaddy App. Pay one flat price, no gimmicks.

Squaddy Pro


Blazing fast program creation & unrivalled athlete engagement

  • Desktop training plan builder

  • Repost sessions and plans to multiple groups

  • Instant sync to mobile app

  • Enhanced session and content formatting

  • Advanced link management tools

  • 24/7 support

Squaddy App


The #1 app for group training

  • Create training groups for clients, athletes and training buddies

  • Post training sessions for any discipline

  • Powerful chat integrated to every group

  • Noticeboard for posting longer-form content

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Squaddy to train clients or is it only for groups?
You can easily use it for clients. Just create a group and invite them in. They’ll get notified when you post training, you’ll get notified when they complete it!
Do you support video training sessions?
We make it super easy for you to link out to external video providers from within a Squaddy session, but we don’t offer integrated video yet.
Do I have to pay per group or per athlete?
No, it’s a flat monthly price.
What is a Squaddy group?
A space in the app that you can invite members to. All groups have a board where you can post training, a noticeboard for longer form content and a chat for communicating with members.
Can I use the same account for desktop that I use for the app?
Yes. Any training sessions in desktop will automatically sync to your groups in the app.
Will I get any help setting it up?
Of course, we will help any time. Just email
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